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We offer state-of-the-art noise testing and prediction modeling as well as an extensive catalog of premium quality sound-reduction solutions.

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Excessive Noise Reduction and Mitigation

Bitcoin mining can be loud. For this reason, Absolute Noise Control offers state-of-the-art solutions to help mitigate the noise. Whether a temporary or permanement solution, we have the answer you are looking for.

Our noise barrier walls offer superior noise reduction products. With attention to detail, our customized solutions for crypto mining noise reduction are unmatched. Contact us to optimize noise reduction.

Our Process

The key element of an effective noise management strategy is the ability to accurately forecast and assess community noise exposure. Noise pollution is a significant concern when it comes to crypto mining, at the same time the constant humming and buzzing of mining rigs can disturb residents and disrupt their daily lives. Coupled with expierience and data, we cn help you achieve effective noise management you are needing. 

This is where we come in!

Our team of dedicated specialists possesses extensive expertise in working with database information and generating comprehensive reports that provide decision-makers with valuable insights into the intricacies of noise pollution and noise impact assessment. In addition, we understand the critical importance of accurate and actionable information in effectively addressing this environmental concern. Moreover by meticulously analyzing data and employing advanced methodologies, we ensure that our reports are not only informative but also serve as a catalyst for informed decision-making. Trust us to deliver precise and reliable reports that empower you to take proactive measures towards mitigating noise pollution and assessing its impact on your surroundings.

With our extensive knowledge in noise abatement (including testing & mitigation solutions), we have established a method / procedural approach for all projects. By and large, we understand challenges involved with local municipalities, residences and ordinances, and are here to help with cost-effective solutions. 

We do what we do best so you can focus on what you do best.

Phase 1. Understanding all the facts: What are we trying to achieve?

So many times we deal with clients who do not fully understand exactly what they need. For that reason, our first step with any project is to research and fully understand the requirements & establish a goal based on either ordinance or standard practices.

Phase 2. Testing—Establishing a baseline:

After we establish our mitigation goals, we then move into our testing phase. For example, we start by completing an ambient sound level survey. The purpose of this survey is to establish baseline noise levels prior to any onsite operations. This is an extremely important step in determining if mitigation is needed to ensure compliance.

Phase 3. Predictive Sound Level Modeling—Existing Conditions:

Once the ambient sound levels are established, we then move into our predictive sound level modeling phase. In this situation, we utilize the industries best modeling software to predict the sound level impact of the proposed equipment and compare the results to our goals established in phase 1. If the predicted sound levels are expected to be lower than our goals, we can provide a report of our findings. As a result, this saves our client the expenses of adding mitigation when it isn’t necessary for compliance. If the predicted levels are expected to be higher than the goal levels, we then move into phase 4.

Phase 4. Mitigation Solutions with Predictive Sound Level Modeling:

If it is determined that the expected sound levels are going to exceed the goal levels, our modeling software is utilized to determine cost-effective noise solutions. Our software allows us the ability to input various mitigation techniques such as temporary sound walls to permanent enclosures. We find that our competitors do not utilize noise impact modeling. They only provide customers with the most expensive noise solution. We provide cost-effect solutions based on factual modeling results. Not to mention, we want to build a long lasting partnership with our clients.

Phase 5. Mitigation Solutions—Supply & Installation:

We are a full service noise abatement company. We not only conduct in house acoustical testing, we also provide and install our mitigation solutions, both temporary and permanent. We do not hire 3rd party or short service employees. Our employees are our biggest asset and share the same desire to provide cost-effective noise mitigation solutions while safely and efficiently completing projects.

Phase 6. Mitigation Verification:

After mitigation is installed, our job is not finished. At the completion of each project, we conduct field measurements to verify our predicted sound levels to ensure compliance.

Our Solutions

Our exceptional noise control barriers are setting new industry standards by eliminating sound waves without disturbance. Designed to limit noise propagation from crypto mining rigs, our state-of-the-art technology fosters harmonious relationships with your local community.

Temporary Acoustical Solutions

  • Range from 8ft – 40ft tall
  • Panels constructed from 16ga, 2in square tubing with additional options for gates available
  • Acoustic blankets rates at sound transmission class -27 *=(stc) and noise reduction coefficient -.5 (nrc)
  • Blanket interior constructed from 1lb mass loaded vinyl; ad from 1lb mass loaded vinyl; ad Whisperdry SANWF (Sound Absorbing non-woven fiber)
  • All materials used in blankets are FR rated
  • Blank exterior covered by a vinyl uv-protective shell

Permanent Acoustical Solutions

  • Range from 8ft – 40ft tall
  • Engineered in house
  • Fabricated on site
  • Customized to fit the job site needs Standard STC-40, can vary based on the need and NRC-1
  • Can be designed with higher STC when necessary
  • Man door and truck door customization available

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We offer noise testing, predictive modeling, temporary & permanent noise solutions.



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